Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)

This program provides help to developmentally disabled adults and children (ages 3 and older) through case management designed to secure services, allowing them to continue to live at home with their families, rather than in an institutional setting.

For developmentally disabled individuals who are not Medicaid eligible, the program provides service coordination and advocacy.

Program services include:

  • Advocacy
  • Case management
  • Educational and Vocational Guidance
  • Information and Referral
  • Community Habilitation
  • Respite
  • Home-Health Aide
  • Financial Assistance
  • Educational and Pre-vocational assistance

HCC’s MSC program currently serves more than 300 individuals, successfully enhancing their independence and enabling them to lead fulfilling lives in their own homes.

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How do I access services?

  • Possess an active Medicaid benefit card
  • Have a diagnostic of intellectual or developmental disability
  • Have current evaluations