Quiénes somos

Nuestra misión es aumentar la fortaleza de las familias hispanas de Long Island a través de consejería, apoyo, educación y prevención y enriquecer sus vidas crear su independencia económica y ayudar a la realización de las metas de las generaciones venideras HCC es Licenciado por:

Nuestra Misión

Para potenciar los puntos fuertes de las familias y los niños de Long Island a través bilingüe, bicultural asesoramiento, prevención, formación profesional y servicios educativos para enriquecer sus vidas, la independencia económica de crianza y alimentar los sueños de las generaciones venideras.

Welcome to the Hispanic Counseling Center’s newly redesigned website!

The Hispanic Counseling Center (HCC) was established in 1977 by the Nassau County Department of Drug and Alcohol Addiction and the Nassau County Youth Board to provide substance abuse treatment services and services for children and adolescents in response to the county’s growing Latino population. Over the intervening years, the agency has grown and expanded, adding programs to respond to the community’s most urgent needs.

Today, client services include Individual, Group, and Family Counseling, Educational Workshops, Case Management, Support Groups, Family Activities, After-school Tutoring and Enrichment, Summer Camp, Crisis Intervention, and Prevention Programs for at-risk youth. . Services are available to all, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, or ability to pay.

Since its inception, HCC has served as a beacon of hope for immigrants and their families who have come to Long Island seeking to make a better life for their families. HCC is the only agency in Nassau County licensed by New York State to provide these services in an entirely bilingual, bicultural setting—and in an environment of hope and encouragement for people working toward a constructive, self-sustaining way of life. HCC has received numerous citations for its culturally sensitive and effective services and its reputation for delivering excellent services has identified HCC as the single point of access for the Latino population.

HCC continues to foster excellence in terms of quality of services and professionalism. As a result of a dedicated Staff and Board, and a strong network of donors, funders, and community supporters, Hispanic Counseling Center continues to make a difference-big and small-in the lives of Long Islanders.

We invite you to learn more about our services and programs by visiting the website, or by calling the agency for further information.

Gladys Serrano
Gladys Serrano | Chief Executive Officer